Debra Ramsay @ Blank Space

From the press release:
Desire Lines brings together bodies of work that represent Ramsay's ongoing explorations of line, one of the most ancient and most powerful means of artistic expression. The term "Desire Lines" comes from landscape architecture, where it refers to the paths people create through an internal logic, an intuitive understanding of movement through space, ignoring the imposed directive of pavement and concrete.

This interplay of the constructed and the intuitive informs Desire Lines. Starting within a predetermined system, Ramsay loosens control on the actual mark making, allowing the inherent properties and demands of the materials ? molten, pigmented wax; fragments of eggshell; thread partially impressed into wax fields on handmade paper -- to create their own desire lines. “I have only limited control when I break the eggshells, or pour the wax, or embed the thread. I direct the line up to a point, and then have to release it to go its own way.”

From the press release:
Ramsay is a New York-based artist, educated at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn College, and Oregon State University. Her work has been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions, including “Doppler Stop,” an exhibition currently traveling to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin and Zagreb. Her work is part of public collections such as: Ritz-Carlton (Dubai), Alliance Bernstein (New York), 9/11 Memorial Museum (New York); and private collections in (among others) London, Seoul, Seattle, and Santa Fe. 

Debra Ramsay: Desire Lines
Through May 19, 2012
511 W 25th Street
Suite 204
New York, NY 10001