Chantal Joffe @ Cheim & Read

From the Press Release:

Joffe’s use of fashion, while loaded conceptually (i.e. its negative associations with female objectification and the “male gaze”), derives from an honest and innocent appropriation of fantasy: Joffe chooses images that she finds most alluring, especially in terms of sparking imaginative narrative, and is driven by a love for and identification with the female form and its accessories. Further, the rich compositional elements fashion provides—texture, color, pattern—complement Joffe’s fluid and technically accomplished painting style (see Woman in a Red Flowered Dress or Blonde in a Shell Chair (both 2012)). Abstracted forms and saturated surfaces bring attention to the lush materiality of paint itself, a focus that has dubbed Joffe a “painter’s painter.” Though her work is loosely executed, it is also, in contrast, almost obsessively observant, capturing the unique qualities and details of her subject.

Chantal Joffe
through June 22, 2012
547 W 25th Street
New York, NY 10001