Working Clothes!

Frank Stella, ca. late 50s early 60s
photographer unknown

I recently ran across this old photo of Frank Stella in a ratty but obviously well loved studio sweater and it occurred to me what a strong role our studio get ups play in maintaining consistency and ritual in our studio lives, perhaps even serving as armor or confidence builders as we face the days work.
So, I asked some of my favorite artists from all over the world to submit photographs of themselves in the working clothes they felt most comfortable wearing while making their art.
The results are below . . .

Debra Ramsay, New York, NY

Mandy Lyn Ford, Los Angeles, CA

Joan Mellon, New York, NY

Arvid Boecker, Heidelberg, DE

Nooshin Rostami, Brooklyn, NY
Photo taken at the Artel Residency in India, 2016

Katrin Mäurich, London, UK

René Korten, Tilburg, NL

Sharon Butler, New York, NY

Sabine Tress, Köln, DE

Brian Edmonds, Huntsville, AL

Samantha Keely Smith, New York, NY
photo by Thomas Feiner

Paul Behnke, Brooklyn, NY
photo by Alice Zavadil Wiggins

Andrea Belag, New York, NY

Karl Bielik, London, UK
photo by Lorna Milburn

David Pollack, Brooklyn, NY
photo by Emily Raw

Helen O'Leary, Brooklyn, NY
photo by Eva O'Leary

Cristina Muñiz, Kansas City , MO

Matthew Neil Gehring, Brooklyn, NY

James Erikson, Philadelphia, PA

Mie Yim, Brooklyn, NY

Damien Flood, Dublin, Ireland

Gabriele Herzog, based in London and Berlin

Gary Petersen, Brooklyn, NY

Michael David, 1992 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Julie Torres, Brooklyn, NY
photo by Eric Trosko

Gary Giordano, Brooklyn, NY

Diana Copperwhite, Dublin, IRL

Fran O'Neill, Brooklyn, NY

*all photographs courtesy of the artists


dave said…
Love this!
Cora said…
Such fun- and what a cool way to get a peek into the studios.