Franz Kline: In Color

Franz Kline (1910-1962) is often pigeonholed as a "black and white" painter. Above is a selection of work by the Ab-Ex master in which color merges with gesture and at times takes center stage.


This is a great selection of images. I really love these!
brian edmonds said…
Funny how most people conjure up only black and white images when thinking of Kline? I feel he is often overlooked when looking at the greats of that era. In what museums do most of this work reside? It seems like you only find the b&w work in most institutions these days. I can't remember the last time I saw a work in color in the flesh.
Anonymous said…

Well once again, you have brought up an artist who I adore and taught me something I didn't know. Franz Kline is a huge influence for me. But, I had no idea he worked in color! Thank you!
davidtmiller said…
Kline has always been one of my heroes. I've always loved his use of color and never really stopped to think that his black and white work might be dominant enough for people to think he only worked that way. Now that you mention it, it doesn't surprise me. Thanks for the post. As always, I enjoy reading them.
Marie Louise said…
Great blog, thanks for sharing these beautiful images.
To see more Klines in color come to the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley (, we have an incredible exhibition of Kline works from his earliest wood blocks to mature large B&W painting. But hurry--show closes Jan 13, 2013!
neena singh said…
wow. very inspiring and unpretentious artworks

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