Between the Threads by Unnati Singh, at the Hindustan Times PALATE Festival

Recently ARTS 4 All presented Unnati Singh's site specific installation, Between the Threads, at the Hindustan Times PALATE Festival at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai.

Posted here is a photo essay of the installation that gives an idea of the scale and incredible complexity of the work.

From the Press Release:

Between The Threads:

Unnati Singh  constructed this installation with objects that seem lost and discarded. She weaves a web with white cotton thread used in sacred rituals .Two old sewing machine stands create the centre stage for a human body as the core piece , woven and stretched in between.

Everyday objects become unfamiliar. The woven threads make the familiar unfamiliar. A deep sense of fragility can be articulated by this feeling of being stretched or pulled by the unknown.

This work  metaphorically speaks of the human condition. It speaks of the ironic plight of a common man who is no less than a puppet . 

Unnati Singh is a multi-multidisciplinary artist born in Rajasthan. Currently  living  and working between Mumbai , Delhi and Goa .She studied Textile and Economics.
Unnati has been  exhibiting nationally and internationally over two decades.  

The artist examines a portion of her work at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai.