Nell Waters at Brethren

Installation view of Nell Waters' The Language of Moving Towards.

Today is the last day to view Nell Waters' exhibition of somber, meditative and deeply connective paintings on view at Brethren Gallery in Ridgewood, Queens.

In this exhibit Waters has stepped away from her recent, improvisational black and white paintings (akin to automatic writing) to present familiar images with associations that have long taken up space in the universal mind. 

The resulting paintings evoke a meditative symbology that explores the concepts of duality, energy and the connection and repulsion between closely aligned forms. 

The artist will be at the gallery today from 4 - 6 pm so don't miss the chance to see these tough, gritty paintings in person.

"I am interested in our personal and universal need to find something to believe in, something to look up to—the moon, the sun, a simple shape, God, love.”

-Nell Waters on her current body of work.

Installation grouping of small paintings.

From the Press Release:

A few large-scale paintings lean monumentally, occupying the intimate space with a contrasting collection of her new series of small scale paintings. The show will include Waters’ loose gestural ink paintings as well. Both her automatic work and this new more carefully composed work are language about the way things relate to one another in a space. The new work has a central, rising orientation germane to historic imagery about exalting something as in divinity.

“The gesture of lines and the forms are like words relating to each other, moving away and toward one another. The space between them is where the existential language is.. about the ebb and flow in life", Waters' says.

Nell Waters
The Language of Moving Towards

May 31 - June 23, 2018

Brethern Gallery
1820 Cornelia Street
Ridgewood, Queens