Studio Portraits and Snapshots

Gili Levy in her studio in Bushwick, 2014

This post is a collection of some favorite portraits and snapshots that have appeared on Structure and Imagery since I began the blog in 2011.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed revisiting them.

Art Guerra in the doorway of Guerra Paints and Pigment on 13th Street, New York, NY

Ann Purcell in her Red Hook studio, 2018

Ana Wieder Blank in her studio, 2018

Stephanie Theodore, founder and director of Theodore:Art, at her space at 56 Bogart, Bushwick, 2013

Amanda Church

Alison Sirico, co-founder of ALT ESC

Alex Paik, 2014

Arvid Boecker and Don Voisine at Boecker's opening at Stout Projects in Brooklyn

Barbara Takenaga at Mr. Fong's on Market Street, LES

Beth Gilfilen 

Brenda Goodman, 2014 in Hudson, NY

Brian Wood in his studio, New York, NY

Debra Drexler, Brooklyn 2015

Dave Pollack with his work at Stout Projects in Bushwick, 2016

Debra Ramsay in her Manhattan studio, 2013

Dale McNeil in his studio in Memphis, TN, 2013

Robin Stout at the Visual Essay on Gutai exhibition at Hauser and Wirth on East 69th Street, 2012

Kerry Law with work in his studio at the Pencil Factory, Greenpoint, 2011

Christopher Quirk at Gary Giordano Gallery, Bushwick, 2017

Brece Honeycutt at the Moore Street Market in Bushwick, 2011

J. J. Manford at an exhibition of Peter Acheson's work that he curated for Novella Gallery, LES, 2013

Erin Lawlor contemplating a painting by Joan Mitchell in Chelsea, NYC

Me at my exhibition, An Awful Rainbow, at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Chelsea, 2013
Photo by Robin Stout

Fran O'Neill with her work at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, 2017

Painter and gallerist, Gary Giordano in Lambertville, NJ

Hamlett Dobbins in his studio in Memphis, TN, 2011

Henry Samelson in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2011

Photographer Meryl Meisler and art writer and executive editor of The New Criterion, James Panero in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2016

Amy and Dr. Vittorio Colaizzi in my studio in Bushwick, 2016

Artist and Art During the Occupation Gallery director, Christopher Stout, Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2017

Vincent Como and Rebecca Murtaugh discussing Murtaugh's work in Bushwick 2017

Rob de Oude discusses his work in Doppler Shift at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 2014

Jamie Powell in her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2014

Jason Rohlf, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2014

Matthew Neil Gehring and Rebecca Murtaugh in the Hampton's, 2014

Jeff Frederick, Brooklyn, 2014

James Erikson and Debra Ramsay at the Half King in Chelsea, NYC

John Yau and Michael David, Life on Mars in Bushwick, 2015

Jon Cowan speaking about his work in Brooklyn, 2016

Artist and curator Julie Torres with Brett Baker at an exhibition of Baker's painting at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, 2013

Karen Baumeister at Cheim & Read with work by Milton Resnick, 2011

Julie Torres with her work at Taller Boricua in Harlem, 2012

Painter Karl Bielik viewing a work by Mali Morris in London, 2016

Catherine Haggarty in her studio in Hoboken, NJ, 2017

Robin Stout, Kevin Finklea and Debra Ramsay, Manhattan, 2014

Matthew Neil Gehring in his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2012

Melissa Dunn, Memphis, TN, 2012

Nicholas Hamilton, Greenpoint, 2011

Paul Edwards at his home in Mississippi, 2012

Ravenna Taylor, Lambertville, NJ, 2012

Richard Timperio in his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2015

Robert Otto Epstein, Mapelwood, NJ, 2014

Sabine Tress in her studio in Cologne, Germany, 2016

Sharon Butler at a photo shoot with Meryl Meisler, Stout Projects, 2016

Tom Burckhardt in his Manhattan studio, 2013

Vincent Como, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

William Bradley, Brooklyn, 2017

A photo of me outside our apartment in Manhattan taken by Robin Stout, 2016

Gallery owner, Brian Morris at his gallery on Chrystie Street, 2013

Painters Karen Baumeister and James Erikson visit an exhibition by Diana Copperwhite at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel on West 25th Street, NYC, 2013

Tops Gallery founder and director, Matt Ducklo in Memphis, TN, 2016

*All photos by Paul Behnke unless otherwise noted.