Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Studio Visit: Ann Purcell and David Pollack in Red Hook

Bayadere Triptych in Purcell's studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Studio door- Star Power.

On Sunday I spent a fantastic afternoon visiting two of my favorite painters, Ann Purcell and David Pollack.

It was a real pleasure to see more of Ann's work from the ambitious, muscular triptychs to the taciturn, banshee's wail of a series called the Kali Poem Series.

Purcell recently mounted a brilliant, extremely well reviewed and successful exhibition at Berry Campbell in Chelsea.

For more information on Ann's work visit the links here and here.

Ann Purcell talks painting as I listen.
Photo: Robin Stout

Purcell speaking about working in a triptych format.

A balance of white and black from the Purcell's Kali Poem Series

Ann Purcell surrounded by paintings from her Kali Poem Series

Two more stirring works from the Kali Poem Series

In the racks.

Three painters: Dave Pollack, Ann Purcell and Paul Behnke in Purcell's studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn 2018.
Photo: Robin Stout

A small work by Dave Pollack.

Next we stopped by David Pollack's studio to check out his new work.

Pollack is currently dividing studio time between his vertical, oil on shaped wood, Harbour series and  his more familiar and traditionally formatted "pointillist" paintings.

Each body of work can be seen as poetic meditations on land, water, place and season. And each imparts a tranquil encounter with the sublime through the painstaking layering of sophisticated and sensitive color combinations.

Visit David's website here for more information on his process and work.

Dave Pollack in his studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn 2018.
Photo: Robin Stout

Pollack's painting table.

Studio view.

Studio wall - new paintings and work in progress

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