Brenda Goodman @ John Davis Gallery

Look Out, 2014, oil on paper and wood, 10x10 in.

“About two years ago, I began a transition in my life that had a significant impact on these paintings. I felt the reality of having moved from New York City to the Catskill Mountains in a new way, realizing the impact it was having on my career as well as on my sense of identity as an artist. At the same time, being just a year away from turning 70, I was motivated to lose weight and improve my overall health. Consequently, my former 185 pound body became a thin 115 pounds. I felt healthier, more energized, more animated, and more confident. These changes have had a positive effect on this current body of work, which I began in late spring a year ago. My work has always reflected and expressed my internal life and, like myself, I feel the new paintings are bold, bright, animated, and confident.”

Brenda Goodman, 2014

Brenda Goodman: Painting
Through August 10
362 1/2 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534