Whitney Biennial: Painters I Want to See (in order)

 Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

Jacqueline Humphries

 Laura Owens

Louise Fishman

Amy Sillman

Charline von Heyl


Anonymous said…
Scott Bennett said…
Heartening. The paintings look good.
Scott Bennett said…
...and Paul, my taste agrees with yours if you have placed the works in order of preference. I like the Zuckerman-Hartung best and I'm fighting with myself between the Owens and the Humphries for second. but the bottom line is they are all damn interesting paintings. Of course, in the flesh things always change...
Paul Behnke said…
Hi Scott,
Did you make it to the Biennial yet?
Of course these are not the works that are actually there.
My favorites in person wer in order:
1. Amy Sillman
2. Louise Fishman
3. Jacqueline Humphries
4. Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
5. Charline Von Heyl
6. Laure Owens