Info On The Aftermath: Artists And Gallery Owners Step Up

Robert Caplin for The New York Times
Workers on Wednesday removed artwork from the damaged CRG Gallery, one of many such spaces on the west side of Chelsea, near the river, that face challenges after Hurricane Sandy.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy residents of the East Coast are struggling to to cope with the loss of life and property and to rebuild their homes and lives. Here's wishing all a speedy and whole recovery.

In New York, friends and strangers are once again proving their strength and resilience. And from Bushwick to Chelsea artists and gallery owners are doing more than their share to rebuild their art scene and their communities. Many are volunteering while dealing with devastating personal loses of home, studio, and gallery.

The coverage of these efforts has been extensive and in-depth with not for profit blogs and newspapers providing the great service of keeping us all in the loop. 

Outlets such as Hyperallergic, Joanne Matera Artblog, Bushwick Daily, Loren Munk, as well as Jerry Saltz and the New York Times have joined with many others to distribute information and highlight the resilient souls of the art scene as they cope with this disaster.

Joanne Mattera has complied an extensive post which features indispensable reporting from Loren Munk (James Kalm). 

Bushwick Daily provides a list of locations accepting donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy here.