Jon Schueler and the Sound of Sleat

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I am a bad father, a bad stepfather,
a bad husband, an indifferent friend,
a confused and disloyal lover.
Only one thing: I am a good painter.
And I had damn well become a far better
one to make up for all the rest.

Jon Schueler, 1973, photograph by Magda Salvesen (c) Jon Schueler Estate (in his studio in Mallaig, Scotland)

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I am reminded of Picasso, saying "I do not seek, I discover."... He's a lucky man. I like the assurance with which he is able to make that statement. Schueler says, "I do not discover, I seek." That's the story of my painting. An eternal search. I never know precisely what I am looking for. I have faith that it is there, that I shall discover it, that I shall reveal this truth -- but I don't know when it shall be revealed.
-from the journal of Jon Schueler
Taken from the article :

Self Portrait of an Experimental Painter by David Galenson

*all images: © 1999-2011 Estate of Jon Schueler 


brian edmonds said…
So you could definitely recommend this book? From the description on the publisher site it seems very interesting. I knew of the name but only on the fringes. Kinda like William Scott. Man I love some of Scott's work. Especially in person.
Paul Behnke said…
Yes, it's good. I first read it in art school and just bought a copy of it recently. He's a painter's painter. His attitude toward the art world of his time kind of reminds me of Clyfford Still's---

I like Scott too. Especially the '50's and '60's stuff.