Studio Visit: Anne Russinof

On Tuesday I was lucky to be invited to the Brooklyn studio of painter Anne Russinof.
I had a great time talking painting, art history, and literature with Anne and her friend, painter, Tony Saunders.  Below are images of Russinof's work, a few studio views, and a statement from the artist's website.

"In my abstract imagery of the past few years I have layered repeating circles to create a kind of grid or lattice. Recently these circular shapes have loosened up to be more gestural, showing a more obvious open grid work. I have always been interested in combining an expressionist tendency with a relatively minimalist appreciation of structure. Originally from Chicago, I was attracted to New York in part because of the legacy of abstract expressionism. My recent paintings join my interest in line and structure with a more lush, wet-on-wet painting technique."
-Anne Russinof

Anne Russinof in her studio in Brooklyn, 2011


Anonymous said…
Very nice. Great to see the work and the studio views, which I always love getting a peek at. Looks great Anne and Paul.

: )

Cheung said…
What a great way to see your other works and your studio. I can see the circles are moving within the canvas.
dwayne said…
holy shit....circles and stripes!
Jane said…
enjoyed seeing all the different color expression modifying the structures! sensitive clear work.